I work for a county health dept as a health inspector. our county has is people, but our dept has no programmers. our databases have been set up in house, learn as you go. county is all on office97 suite. our leased machines have been recently replaced - went from WinNT 4 to Win2000. I still also have purchased machines that remain on nt 4.

I had previously set up a command button on an access form that opens word in background, merges current access record from form into word doc, prints word doc and closes word.

I used this MS KB article for the coding


The coding worked great and continues to work on the nt machines. nothing seems to happen when you click on the button on the new nt machines.

I checked the object library, because I remember activating the Word 8.0 when I first set it up. when I looked at database on new machine, same objects are still selected.

I currently have admin rights. the install was done as a "pushdown". I believe it used Zen application via our novell network

I hoping there is an easy fix. we appear to have had some bad installs too, usually not allowing a switchboard to load and the debug shows that it doesn't know the current db.

I will still need to allow both the nt's and the wind 2000 to be able to use.

I've search MS KB and haven't found any obvious answer.
I'm hoping there is an easy answer somewhere.

Thanks for the consideration