I am doing my Final semester project. My project is a "Custom search tool for Word authoring".It uses MS WordXP with Visual Basic (VBA) as front end.

The exact working is "whenever a user types in a document in a word application, he may be intended to insert certain pictures amd images from a remote database. Hence the tool should be custom enough for him to load a search page (VBA form) by a single mouse click.

When the user types in the keyword, the matchnig records should be displayed in a listbox. When the user clicks any item in the listbox, the corresponding picture for that particular record should be displayed in the image box. When the user double clicks the image, the image should get loaded into the word document.

The above one has been accomplished in VBA (using ADODB programming) from a local database.

But in realtime I cannot expect both the database and the user should reside on the same system, so should use the Web Services.

The OfficeXP Webservice toolkit is already installed. Whan I click tools->WebService reference inside the VBA application , the WebService reference dialog box appears. I can even load any WSDL files and add to my VBA macros a class module.

But for my specific search tool (application) how ill I create a Web Service? Can a custom webservice be created and loaded into the VBA macro as a class module. How will I call that class module from the user form ?

Plz help