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    Unanswered: sybase sqlca error

    getting this error while running esql through tuxedo 8, why this error is coming, please help me on this

    sqlcode <-33620275>
    sqlerror <cs_objects: cslib user api layer: external error: ZZZZZ cs_objects: error performing requested operation.>

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    Red face

    You're certainly not going to get any enlightenment from this error-message, the likes of which are unfortunately much too common. You need to look for other sources, maybe server-logs, diagnostic options and so forth that might shed additional light upon this condition from some other avenue.

    I've most frequently seen errors like this from "configuration errors" of some kind, where the tool (e.g. Tuxuedo) "isn't set-up correctly." And it just kinda barfs. You see, the developers who "test" this stuff always use machines that are "set up correctly."
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