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    Unanswered: ASP only shows fields which contain numeric data


    I'm using an SQL server database to run a website with ASP.

    A new page I'm making will only display the contents on fields containing numeric data and it won't display text.

    Other pages work fine. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening - I've never seen in before.


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    Could you use one of your ASP variables to be use with a number operator? like "+" or sumthin?


    How are you calling your SQL server scripts? Through inline with your ASP codes or trough store procedures.

    In either case, check your passing of ASP variable into your SQL Script.
    Maybe you could miss a '' character.

    What is the actual ASP error msg??????
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    Is it an error or just no data is returned ? Is your query returning both numerics and string data and only the numeric data is showing ? Have you tried to do a response.write to display all fields being returned ? Is it possible that you have single quotes in your string data ? On your web site - what are we looking for - and boy is it pink !!!

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