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    Unanswered: DBCC time

    Hi All

    Is there any way to predict or pre calculate how much time
    DBCC checkdb and checkalloc options will take considering a
    a particular dbsize ?
    for ex. 100 tables on 20 GB db
    i want to know in advacance , the approx time DBBC checkdb and
    DBCC checkalloc (with fix and nofix option both) can take

    thx in advance
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    Checkdb = Sum(checktable on all tables)

    Time it takes for checktable is roughly calculated =

    [time to do one I/O] * [number of rows in table] * [number of indexes on table]

    i/o is obntained from sp_sysmon.

    Tablealloc is quite difficult to estimate because of the nature of the allocation, locking scheme etc...

    You should check with Sybase Technical Support on that one and share it here if you indeed have an answer.



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