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    Question Unanswered: SQL Server on a Dynamic IP based server


    I have installed sql server 2000 standard edition on
    windows 2000 adv server which is functioning as a web server - thru iis services. the prob is, my windows server doesnt have a static IP.

    say, there is website running in my server.

    using MS SQL Server's client network utility, by providing my site address as server name/address, can the user connect
    to the SQL Server?

    is there some kind of setup/configuration issue with my windows adv server / sql server 2000?

    How can I set up SQL 2000 to not require static IP address connections?

    Pls. kindly instruct me to solve this issue .... its very urgent.

    Thanx in advance.



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    You can't realistically expect ANY web server to function properly without a static ip address?

    That would be the equivelant to the post office changing locations every 6 hours.

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