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    Unanswered: Dynamic SQL using Oracle Forms 6i and 9i


    Please can someone tell me how we can use DBMS_SQL.PARSE in Oracle Forms.

    Ive been trying to use it but for some odd reason it doesnt work.

    Please can someone tell me how to use it. I want to execute a formula string as

    DBMS_SQL.PARSE (cur,'select ' || pv_execute_string || ' from dual', DBMS_SQL.NATIVE);

    fdbk := DBMS_SQL.EXECUTE (cur);

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    Re: Dynamic SQL using Oracle Forms 6i and 9i

    The problem is that the package constant DBMS_SQL.NATIVE cannot be referenced from Forms (I forget why). Instead you must plug in the corresponding integer value, which is 1:

    SQL> select text
    2 from all_source
    3 where name='DBMS_SQL'
    4* and upper(text) like '%NATIVE%'
    SQL> /

    native constant integer := 1;
    -- Specifies behavior for statement. Valid values are v6, v7 and NATIVE.
    -- respectively. NATIVE specifies behavior according to the version

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