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    How do I run a pc based cobol program from visual basic

    I have 2 programs. The first is a Visual Basic program that accepts input data and creates a file. The second is a cobol program that when executed reads the file created in visual basic and creates a file of its own. I then have a command in visual basic to read the file created by cobol and display the data on the screen.

    How can I call the cobol executable or dll from the visual basic program so that the two programs can run by executing one command instead of running the processes separately?

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    From the description, you have a simple set of batch process to produce a final report. What you're talking about doing, can be done, however, you need to keep in mind the desired end result. Changing the data flow and thinking about how you wish to display the final result will include redoing some code and data flows and logic flows.

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    I'd bet that stofsqn found an answer at least eight years ago.

    When you answer forum posts, you should probably check the date of the last response in the thread. After a month or two people rarely care and sometimes don't even remember.

    Welcome to DBForums anyway, and thanks for contributing!

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