Hello everyone !

I'm trying to use a Select command (in VBA macro Excel) in order to import some data from Access and use them in Excel via VBA macro.
I tried to use the Select DistinctRow command and works fine however it is too much slow.
Does anyone knows how can I do to become this Select more quickly ?

stSQL = "SELECT DISTINCTROW Register.ProjId, Register.Name, Tasks.Name, Tasks.Text5, Resources.ResId, Resources.Name, DailyActuals.Date, DailyActuals.Hours FROM (((Assignments INNER JOIN DailyActuals ON Assignments.AssId = DailyActuals.AssId) INNER JOIN Resources ON Assignments.ResId = Resources.ResId) INNER JOIN Tasks ON Assignments.TaskId = Tasks.TaskId) INNER JOIN Register ON Tasks.ProjId = Register.ProjId WHERE ((Tasks.Text5 = '13180' ))"

P.S. Tasks.text5 is not a index ! and the Table has around 100k records !

Paulo Roberto Pereira (EDS - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)