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    Unanswered: OracleXMLSave using URL with authentication

    We have an Oracle 9i DB that needs to pull xml from a web site and insert it. This will be done from a Java Stored Proc that sets-up the environment then calls the OracleXMLSave.insertXML( url) method.

    This works fine if the web page it's pulling from is not protected, but because of the project's requirements it is protected with http basic security. We've been able to view pages using the UTL_HTTP package in PL/SQL successfully so we know it's possible to get in.

    How can I code the username/pass into the argument? Is it possible? Or do I have to use one of the other insertXML methods?


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    In some cases the following convention will work:
    to pass into the webserver the needed username & password.

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    Thanks, that was a good idea. Unfortunately it doesn't work. Putting the url into the browser or trying to plug that url into the procedure both don't work, it looks for the <username>/ as a host.

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