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    Red face Unanswered: Cannot open another isql session

    Hi All,
    Problem : On a test machine with win2k svr and ASE12.5 , I can open only one isql session with sa login only. Any other connection if first is open fails and gives ct lib error. Also cannot login with other logins at all.
    WHere to look for this? Please help.

    ( Little background about this but dont think this is related with above problem.
    Created database for load, loaded database db1, but did not loaded tran log for db1, made db1 online. db1 was working fine and dropped db1.)

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    Re: Cannot open another isql session

    Are your sure that your ASE is not started in single user mode ?

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    Yes it was in single user mode.

    Now there are couple of questions, how can I check if the svr is in single user mode, how to bring it to multiuser mode( from sql commands)

    Here is what was happening ( this is win2k machine and I dont know if anybody uses GUI)
    Once I used "Start - Program - Sybase - Server Config utility 'Configure adaptive server' - Command Line Option" and added -m to command line option
    to start this server in single user mode.
    Later on i shut it down, changed RUN_SERVER file, removed -m from file and restarted. But as I came to know, Server config utility overrites the RUN_SERVER file and adds -m each time and it was going into single user mode.
    Now I have copied the RUN_SERVER File to another file and using the new file.
    I was unable to remove -m from 'Command Line Option' in 'Configure adaptive server' menu.
    Anyway thanks for reply.

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