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Thread: using sqlloader

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    Unanswered: using sqlloader

    Hi All

    I have an exported data in flat file with comma as delimeter.
    I have 4 columns say A B C D.

    A and B are primary keys

    The data is to be imported to a table which contains these 5 columns.

    But my requirements.

    1. First I have to insert data of A B and C columns.
    2. Second, Only the column "D" data has to be inserted as there is already data present for "A B and C" , i dont want to insert again.

    Will it be possible thru SQLLOADER using FILLER command or any other go?

    IF possible thru sqllloader, any script which serves the above said purpose.

    waiting for ur reply

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    Re: using sqlloader

    SQL Loader can only insert new rows, it can't update data that already exists, which is what you are doing at step 2, right?

    It is often useful to load the data into an intermediate "staging" table, and then use PL/SQL to apply the changes to the real table. Or with 9i you can use external tables, which effectively allow you to select from the data file directly.

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