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    Unanswered: can u help me again ..pls

    hi all
    1) is it possible to insert char value into nchar field
    2) is it possible to insert nchar value in char field
    can u give answer to the puzzle
    To ensure proper data conversion between databases with
    different character sets, you must ensure that:

    1)CHAR data consists of well-formed strings.
    2)INT data consists of non-negative numbers.
    3)CHAR data consists of at least a nil string.
    4)ASCII characters are capitalized.
    5)None of the choices.
    what is the correct answer..and why

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    You can read Oracle Documents for Globalization Support.

    My personal advice is that, You first try to solve the problem by your own. If yoy have any doubt then you should ask the questions along with your answer (your thinking). It will definetely be helpful to your future.

    First go and read Oracle Documents for this.

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