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    Exclamation Unanswered: reporting issues


    Here's my scenerio: I have a volunteers database built in MS Access 2000. I'm trying to setup a form with 2 list boxes that filter a report. The report reports volunteer awards. The report will display volunteer name, date of award, name of award, and any comments.

    The tricky part and my question (I'm completely lost and burned out on this project) is to setup a form prompt box which has to list boxes. The first listbox is awards (the names of them). The second is dates the awards were received. Now, one thing that i was wondering if it is possible is can for instance if I click on a award that only the dates would show when that award was received in the date listbox? And visa versa?

    So, to sum it up, I need help in:

    1. figuring out how to filter a report with 2 listboxes

    2. figuring out how to have the awards listbox control the dates listbox once an award or awards have been selected

    3. make sure the report is reporting correctly...

    JoeG if you are out there, your help would be appreciated.

    Thanks all!


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    1. To filter a report by listbox selections on a form:

    In the recordset property of your report, create a query that includes a field for listbox selection: Award, Date. The Criteria for both these fields will be to look at the values of your form and will look something like this:


    or another way of writing this could be...


    Sorry I don't have time to answer the others right now but for point 2, I'd create a master table of all award data and base my listboxes on that table.

    Regards - Andy

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