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    Unanswered: How to get query to search by last entry date

    this database is for a machine that tests tiles. tiles are put into a machine that counts off cycles and we record them weekly. when a tile fails, we take it out and record the cycle info, duration and failure date. the form sorta looks like this:

    Date1 Extent1 Duration1 Cycle1
    Date2 Extent2 Duration2 Cycle2
    Date3 Extent3 Duration3 Cycle3
    Date4 Extent4 Duration4 Cycle4
    Date5 Extent5 Duration5 Cycle5

    more often than not, the tile will only last until Date3, but it varies. How do I get access to search for and bring up the last field, regardless of it's date?

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    I'm not sure I entirely understand your description of the testing process but if you need to bring up the last record in a recordset you could try the MAX function; it brings up the highest value in a set of values.

    I can't see a Tile Identifier in your form but I presume there is one and if you used the MAX function in a Group By query and include the TileID, you might get the results you need.

    Maybe you could supply us with some more information so we can help?

    Regards - Andy

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