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    Exclamation Unanswered: Can anyone help me?

    I am trying to automatically move past dates into one column and add a new date (in a new column) which is 4 weeks ahead of the previous date.

    Could I do this using a macro that is run when the form is opened?

    Please can anyone tell me how I would do this because I think that it is possible and I could use any help that you could give me.

    Many Thanks,
    Simon Wedge

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    Yes it's possible by using a macro or a button on a form.

    You obviously need to add a new field in your table to store the new +4 week date.

    For the query... to add to a date range use the DateAdd function. It's probably easier to look at the help file for this function rather than try and explain everything but here's what it will look like: DateAdd("w",4,[yourfield]).

    Note: "w" might need to be "ww". Check the helpfile for exact requirement.

    Now you just need to create a form and use the button wizard (if you're not familiar with VBA) to call the query.

    Hope this helps.


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