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    Unanswered: Mulitple Recordsets

    I have a form that needs to run SELECT queries on other tables besides the table that is it's recordSource. I have been using the me.recordset & me.recordsetclone var and has been working nice. I can't use it for other tables though without switching the record source. Is there a way to use these when I need data from a different table or record source via a control or var?

    Here are a couple of ways I think I could solve my initial prob, but I would rather use something along the lines of me.recordset or me.recordsetclone if possible.

    1. I could make a new recordset var and open a connection to the tables I need to run the queries on. If I don't have to I'd don't want to deal with connections, but I can.

    2. Make an invisible listbox and change the rowSource to whatever query I want and then check the contents of the listbox. Seems clunky to me.

    What I want is something that I can run different dynamic queries with. Mainly I'll run a select query and see if any results return, that is all.

    Hopefully I explained this well, thanks for any help.

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    Look ar createing a recordset in code using DAO or ADO

    I have attached a sample DB of my the show how to use either

    You will need to add reference libraries to your code to use these

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    Looks good, Thank you.

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