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    Unanswered: Runtime Error "could Not Lock File"


    I've searched high and low for an answer to this problem. I developed a very simple data entry form and table and split into front end and backend. I want about 12 computers to share the same form. Hence, I distributed the runtime on those 12 computers and am having them use the same data entry front end all at the same time. I have set the default open mode to sharing and no locks for record locking and have checked the "open databases using record level locking. I keep running into 2 problems and they seem random...uggh.

    Problem one is when I try to open the form on a runtime computer, occasionally it just tells me that "could not lock file". I don't believe I have any problems with the default JET 4.0 lock settings because I'm only talking about 12 computers accessing the backend at one time.

    Problem two is that it seems at says on the runtime computers "Record Set Could Not Be Updated".

    I don't have any of these problems when I open this file on my own machine. Please advise if you can.

    Thanks much,

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    How is your form setup? Do you link the tables? Is this form bound to a table? Access Version? (VERY important here)

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    Hi, my form was set up in Access 2003. I created the Database table first and then based my form off of the table. I then split this into front end and back end. When the runtimes work, they change the data in the backend table. My validation lookup tables (which I use for validating my drop down lists are linked. I hope this answers what you were looking for.

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