Hello everybody!!

I need to pass an array into a table and i use OCI...

When i call the following OCIStmtExecute

(void) OCIStmtExecute(mysvchp,mystmthp2,myerrhp,(ub4) SIZE,(ub4) 0, (OCISnapshot *) NULL, (OCISnapshot *) NULL, (ub4) OCI_COMMIT_ON_SUCCESS);

and i want to run insert of array elements...

text *pl_sql = (text *) "insert into nametable values(:val)";

With this instructions insert into nametable runs SIZE TIMES, but

text *pl_sql = (text *) "Begin\
insert into nametable values(:val);\

in this case only one time!!

I need to run a procedure that insert an array but i must use a procedure, but this is executed ony one time, becase there are BEGin and END!!

How can i resolve this problem !?!? Help please :