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    Unanswered: SQL Server 6.5 upgrade to 2000

    I'm running the SQL 2000 upgrade wizard and this error came up in the final phases of the upgrade to SQL 2000. The phase is doing the Export Import of the Table data:

    Error: Couldn't connect to the ADMIN$ share on the export machine. Verify that the MSSQLServer Service uses a NT Domain account that is part of the Administrator's group of the export machine and that both machines are in the same domain.

    I've checked and service account are in the local admin group and both are in the same resource domain. The service account is in the accounts domain.

    I have SQL server 6.5 with service pack 5a. Another machine with W2k and SQL server 2000 with SP3 and disables cnv6x70.dll.


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    Re: SQL Server 6.5 upgrade to 2000


    As a rule I NEVER upgrade very old versions immediatly to the newest version of the product. (For MSSQL at least) seems you already did so this advice might come a little late but... You might try restoring the old version and then FIRST upgrade it to MSSQL7 + latest servicepack (i think there's a SP6 available for SQL)...only THEN upgrade it to 2000.

    Remember that e.g. multiple triggers are NOT possible in 6.5 and this might cause conversion problems. There are also a number of functions not supported anymore in 2000 AND dont forget that Microsoft reversed, so to speak, certain default settings like quoted identifiers and sofort from being 'ON' default in 6.5 to 'OFF' in 2000, etc.

    In case of doubt go to the website of Microsoft and search for the White Paper on MSSQL 7 migration to MSSQL 2000. A number of very useful tips are included for migration of MSSQL 6.5.

    Good luck!
    Vincent JS

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    This is occurring because of the security issues that sp3 fixed. I will post back with the solution.

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    Find the location of the file - cnv6x70.dll and rename it (on the sql server 2000 box) - usually in c:\program files\microsoft sql server\80\com. Copy the cnv6x70.dll from your original ss2k (pre sp3). Restart ss2k. Proceed with upgrade. Then copy sp3 dll back and restart.

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