Hello everyone, nice forum.

I work part-time at World Gym. We use a program called ClubRunner to run the gym. ClubRunner uses Interbase as a DB to store all the member files. The program features two types of lookups for members. One is the F7 function. This looks up the member's personal info like address, phone, start date, payments etc. The other, F2, checks the member into the gym, tells us if they are up to date with payments, current with membership and records a visit to the member's file. Both offer strikingly similar information, one just more than the other. They both obviously querry the same DB. Any ideas why the F7 feature (more info) responds lightning fast and the F2 feature takes at least 1-2 minutes to respond. The database comes presetup with the program and was installed via PCANYWHERE by "professionals" from clubrunner.
Thanks in advance, Jason

BTW, I am very computer literate, but only somewhat knowledgable about databases. Shame on me. I would like to learn more however.