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    Unanswered: Import Text Files with Wild Card characters

    Each day a computer in the office gets a feed from a remote location. (Text file, pipe delimited) The file names are all the same with the exception of the date at the end of the file name.

    eg 'filename122603.txt'

    I have set up a macro that imports the file when run, but I have to change the file name to match that on the macro first. Is there some way to set up the macro with wild cards so that I can leave the file name the same each time? Would this work to import all text files that meet the criteria, like a batch import?

    Not that changing the file name is a huge deal, I am just trying to automate the process so our monkey can do it.

    Thanks inadvance,

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    You could do it throug a vb Procedure, in which you could go through the TableDef object using a FOR each .... NEXT loop

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