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    Question Unanswered: Cannot Generate SSPI Contect

    I am getting error once in a while. It can be while either updating/inserting/selecting a record. I may have about 100000 hits give or take a few to the database.

    The VB Application identified by the event source logged this Application MODE: Thread ID: 3300 ,Logged: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Error Number :-2147467259 Error Description :Invalid connection string attribute Error Source :Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ System Error Number: 0 System Error Description: System Error Source: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Context/Detail Error Description : :: updateOpsRecord :: ADO Error :: Error #-2147467259 Cannot generate SSPI context (Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server) (SQL State: HY000) (NativeError: 0) No Help file available

    This is intresting to see. I tried looking up in all the forums and help file but no ansewers. Help would be appreciated.



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    what version are u on?
    u can try this:
    In the Enable protocols by order move named pipes to the top of the list using the arrows and click apply. It can also help to set up a named pipe alias for the server.

    This KB article (although it refers to SQL7) is relavent. Make sure the relavent registry key exists on the client and that the 'NT LM Security Support Provider' service is started and running.

    More info can be found by searching google groups for SQL XP SSPI &lr=&hl=en


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