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Thread: Dynamic array?

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    Hi. I would like to use a dynamic array to simplify some of my code.

    How do i add to an array without using this speifying the start and end variables.

    Dim arrStr() As String ' String Array that will hold the leased options
    Dim intArr As Integer 'array location
    intArr = 1

    If Me.chkPurchased = True Then
    ReDim arrStr(1 to intArr)
    End If
    If Me.chkLeased = True Then
    intArr = intArr +1
    ReDim arrStr(1 to intArr)
    End If

    is there another way to do this in one line.

    I want the array to only be populated with the choose values from the user.(through checkboxes). Then i can use the values the moment i have lots of these if thenelse statements everywhere.....very repititive.

    Nerdy Girl

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    How many checkboxes do you have? What would be better design wise is to make your string array the size of the # of checkboxes and have each checkbox assigned a specific array slot ... Otherwise you will need to associate an array slot to the checkbox that utilizes it ...

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