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    Unanswered: Script to configuring a server and generate Databases


    I have a server and several databases defined in ASE 12.5.

    I'd like to copy the exact server configuration parameters and databases to a new server.

    Is there a way to do that so all of my disk devices, cache devices, network packet size, etc etc etc get created, assigned, and finalized all with just pressing a button or running some sort of script?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Script to configuring a server and generate Databases

    Are you using raw devices or file system ?

    Case of file system with the same location:

    Install binaries in the new server
    copy devices in your new server
    copy RUN file, cfg file, interfaces file
    start ASE

    Case of file system in other locations:
    same +
    edit RUN file to point to the correct master device
    edit CFG file to pass "allow updates" to true
    start ASE with only recovery master (flag -T 3608)
    update sysdevices.phyname to reflect the correct devices
    shutdown and restart without flag -T 3608

    That's all

    Case of raw devices
    Rebuild the server using srvbuildres
    Create the raw devices using disk init
    if version >
    Transfer the server using the migration tool (till v.
    transfer syslogins, syssrvroles, sysloginroles, sysservers,
    sysremotelogins from source to target ASE.master using bcp
    Dump/load databases

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