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    Unanswered: Oracle 9i Backup Agent


    I am running Oracle 9i.
    I need some information on the Oracle agent with regards to using a network'd tape drive system to back it up.

    I am aware that Oracle requires this agent in order for it to communicate with the backup device.

    Does anyone know anything about this software or perhaps use this system in their own environment?

    Many thanks

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    Each backup tool vendor ships their own agent, but the agents are only required if you want to use their software in a specific way. For example, Oracle's RMAN backup tool requires the Oracle Intelligent Agent if you will be scheduling backups from Oracle Enterprise Manager. This is because OEM requires OIA. RMAN does not. I use RMAN without OIA from the MS-DOS command prompt. Unless I am forgetting something, the OIA is not necessary for piping data to the OBSI / ADSM device.
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