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    Unanswered: pro*c in windows

    hi all,
    i am very intrest to learn pro*c. i have a machiene with Windows2000 server and Oracle 8i. can i use pro*c programs on that? any one can help me how to develop, compile and run progs in windows os. i have good help on pro*c.

    please tell me the procedure how to run and compile the pro*c programs on windows os.

    thanks in advance

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    Your system (any system with Oracle) can produce pro*C programs.

    Do you know C? If so learning Pro*C is nothing more than inserting the Oracle extensions into your programs.

    In general you can create/edit your programs in your favorite editor and compile using the Oracle provided tools. Check your Pro*C documentation in Oracle for the specifics of their extensions and how to compile etc.

    If you do not know C then get yourself a good C book. You will need that knowledge before you can hang the Pro*C extensions in your code. (Or you will need to learn C concurrently).


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    You can use pro*c in your system.

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