DB2 v7.2 on Windows 2000:

I am getting:

SQL2032N The "indexing_mode" parameter is not valid

when I invoke "db2move dbname load"

Here is what I did.
1. I used db2move to export a bunch of tables from two schemas in the same database.

To check the process of loading ( and also because I need to load only a subset of tables that I exported):

2. Edited the db2move.lst file to contain only one table I wanted to load.

3. I copied the edited db2move.lst and the corresponding .ixf and .msg files(tab9.ixf and tab9.msg) to a new directory

4. I deleted the contents of table I wanted to load

5. Invoked "db2move dbname load"

Is it legal to do the hack process I did?

What can I do to rectify this error?

My ultimate goal is to Export and import a subset of tables with referential integrity from one database to another and different machines.

Thanks for your help