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    Red face Unanswered: Pls.........HELP

    Hello everyone. I have a dilemma that has bugging me for few months now, and I have decided to finally try something radical to solve it and could use your advice.

    BACKGROUND: Most of my database front-ends typically wind up with the same layout -- a main (parent) data entry form that has a tab control with multiple tabs on it and each tab has a sub-form (child). These subforms typically hold historic data or multiple instances to their parent. Sometimes they are the "Junction Table" in a Many-to-Many. A likely example would be a Customer (parent) form with OrderDetails, AddressHistory, OrderHistory, ActivityHistory, etc subforms (children).

    PROBLEM: While I love the ease and quickness of Access when developing, I have come to really despise "BOUND" forms and all that goes along with them. Yes, they have advantages, but the reality is they also have many shortcomings and furthermore no client/server database would ever use them (e.g. Oracle, Sysbase, and even SQL Server).

    QUESTION: Could someone please explain to me - based on the above example - how you could build a parent form with a tab-control and several subforms and be able to make it UNBOUND??

    So far i have ubound control on my main form which works find but i just don't know how to link my subform now.

    Im also attaching the database and i'm using ADO for connection

    Would someone please offer some wisdom and help here? It would be greatly appreciated!!!
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