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    Unanswered: form and subform question

    I have a form with mixed fields. for making a booking.
    There is a subform, which basically shows a calendar, with dates and week numbers.

    Is there a way to get the info from the sub form into the fields above?

    I can get them to display the info using Control: [subform]![field], but when i check the booking table, they have not been transfered.

    Is it possible to add a button along the lines of:
    on click, week number = subform weeknumber, and date commencing = subform date. then add the record?

    I've tried all i can think of.
    Any ideas?

    Also was wondering how to inherit fields from the previous table(s) e.g customer id, and cottage id.


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    I've figured out how to inherit the values from the previous forms, Now If i could only get the fields to update from the subform.......

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