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Thread: DLookup isnull

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    Unanswered: DLookup isnull

    Trying ti display a msgbox if the value in DLookup does not exists.
    Ex. Using Dlookup to read an order number in a table, and displays msgbox("Not exist"). How do I check if the Lookup value exist using code?

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    Place your DLookUp function into a IsNull function so as to test to see if there is a non Null return:

    If Not IsNull(DLookUp("[myThingy], "MyThingyTable", "[ThisThingy] = '" & Me.ThatThingy & "'")) Then
      Me.MyThingaMaGig = DLookUp("[myThingy], "MyThingyTable", "[ThisThingy] = '" & Me.ThatThingy & "'")
    End If

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