I know lots of you righteous people are going to get really upset about the following words, but so you should be. If you will not get upset, then I might be wrong.

I want to write about the biggest virus that is spreading our world these days. It is not Aids; it is not chemical or nuclear weapon. It is not the hole in the Ozone. Those things are minor comparing to this problem.

I am talking about billion of creatures, almost human beings but not really. People who evolution has chosen, for some reason, to skip a few stages. People who are worse than animals in their behaviour, people who are below monkeys. I will not give these creatures' names or definition, and you can guess who I am talking about.

Our society has evolved in a strange way. A way that we've become so bright to give all those who we can sort of communicate with the same rights and status as others.

But should it be this way?

When someone kills infants and justifies it as right cause.

When someone shouts and spits at another person in the street just make the female attracted.

When someone thirsts for blood for no reason.

When someone can't talk so it attacks.

Can you think of any creature, which we don’t look at as an "animal" but acts this way?

Let me give you more examples.

Hyenas go in herds. There is a leader, and they always look for a victim to attack. They are one of the ugliest animals known to us.

They attack the finer animals. They will incite those creatures who threaten them and who they can not understand.

But they will also attack themselves within them, and fight other herds that threat them.

We might call those herds – Gangs.

I never have been a racist. Those who know me will say I am very enlighted and liberal. I accept everyone whom I feel can act in a civilised and mannered way, and anyone I see as a human being.

But I had an enlightment. And tonight, I came across a creature in which I didn’t see much human signs. It was spitting. It was loud. It was provocative. It called me names. Why? Because I walked next to it. That is all. I can not understand why this thing thought it needed to act the way it did. Maybe it wanted to communicate? Be friendly? Fight? I can't understand.

I think I cannot understand these things, because this creature was less evolved than me.

Evolution is a proven theory. Humans are evolving as these lines are being written.

But these creatures are staying in their place. No culture, no human behaviour. I would call them predators but some predators are even better behaved than these.

Our society is so evolved, that it chosen to give these things the same rights as the rest of man. We need to think this through.

So this is a cry for all human beings:

Fight. Before these things get more threaten (remember that Tuesday morning when the buildings fell down) and try to beat down man kind.

Fight. Oppose. Man kind was able to unite against threats before (1940's) and man kind can do it again.

I don’t say go to violent war. Violent is only the way of those who are less evolved. Not the human way.

This is just a cry of one man who is hurt.

Use words. Use thoughts. Use wisdom.

We just need to shout.

Do something.