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    Unanswered: virtual sql server name with underscore "_"

    i am in a process of switching from a single sql server to a clustered sql setup. I wish to make my virtual sql cluster name the same as my current server name which has an underscore "_" in it. This is so I don't have to mess with the client configurations. The problem is that I can't seem to use an "_" in the virtual sql server name.

    I have MSCS installed. In the process of installing sql2k with a virtual sql server name of sql2k_cluster, the installer doesn't allow me to use "_" in the name. It will work fine if I use sql2kcluster. It will take "_" if choose local server name since my local server name has an "_" in it like Server_nt01.

    Since then I have tried giving it a virtual sql server name w/out any "_" in it and then create an alias using the client network utilities. Is there a way around this?

    update: has anyone ran into this?? Is this a bug?

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