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    Unanswered: Exiting a database

    Is there a way to prevent users from exiting a database other than a specified button that you have created to close the database???

    This is to prevent any corruptions occurring. The users all have microsoft access installed but I do not want them to exit access by clicking the cross in the top right hand corner

    Any thoughts appreciated

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    About the only way is to remove the Min, Max, and Cancel buttons at the top Right thru the Form Properties and provide a means to close thru a custom button ...

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    I think

    What they are looking for considering Access is installed on all the computers is a way not have the Min, Max, Close buttons available in access. I don't believe this is possible. You should split the db and compile it using Office Developer and it will setup the db as a true program with Access runtime installed. With this, there is no need for Access to be on the computers. This will allow you to open the the program still but have to use your close button on the main form. Then you can disable the Min, Max, Close buttons on that form.

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