Hi there,
The question that I have is:

I have SQL DB and one of tables stores:
Name Of Course , Start Week, End Week

What I need to do is create new table and populate records with course name for all weeks that it is taking place, so for example from record:

Name Of Course , Start Week, End Week
IT, 1, 5

I need to make 5 records:

Name Of Course , Week Number
IT, 1
IT, 2
IT, 3
IT, 4
IT, 5

The SQL DB has Access front end and I know how to do this on Access level (using VBA and ADO with data from pass-through query….) but I would rather do this more “sophisticated” way on SQL Server level. I suppose I will need stored procedure that will do that and which I will call from access using SQL string but I don’t know how to do this : (

Please, any ideas or help would be really appreciate

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