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    Unanswered: How to clear OpenArgs

    I got a problem with OpenArgs. I want to know how to clear or reset it
    I am explaining:

    I have a form (called A) which displays records and a form (called B) which edits records. Then , in the form A, by clicking on a button, you close form A and open form B. So i use the OpenForm method and in addition to that, i want to pass some arg from A through B. So i am using OpenArgs. So it is working when i click the first time. But, then, when i select another record in form A and want to get form B with new arguments, OpenArgs have still the old values.
    So how to force OpenArgs to reset just before updating it with new values.

    I dont understand why OpenArgs is still keeping these values bc when you come back to A from B, i close B and open A.
    Thank you for your help.

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    Ok sorry,
    Actually, When you close a Form, it clears OpenArgs well. I am sorry but i realized that my close methos wasnt good and so the form B was still opened when i was in form A.Sorry

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