I've been working on a project to manage a lot of text files that are then loaded up into and Access 2000 Db.

Basically, the text will be loaded into existing tables by using a simple check-box menu. The goal is to automate the process of importing text without using the wizard since these files are numerous and are updated regularly.

I've tried using the transfertext method and found articles indicating there was a MS bug that doesn't allow transfertext to use a schema.ini file. Similarly, I've thought about using the import/export spec method but this doesn't provide enough flexibility of the table/text changes. My feeling currently is that I can generate the schema.ini files on the fly based on the tables in the Db.

Is there another method for using a schema.ini file and if so do I need to have a schema.ini file for each text file? Such as schema_1.ini, schema_2.ini etc? or should the one schema.ini include information for each text file that could be uploaded?

Thanks for the help.