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    Unanswered: without click??

    Hi all:
    I am messing with Epson's thermal printer driver. I need to send a cut command to the printer. Epson provides sample code (for application) in VB form to call the driver API. Here is what I did:
    Private Sub cmdFullCut_Click()
    'Cut the paper
    Printer.Font.Name = fntTitleName
    Printer.Font.Size = 10
    Printer.ScaleMode = PIXELS

    Printer.Font.Name = "control"
    Printer.Print "F" 'Full cut
    End Sub
    I know the code is linked to the button in the form. I have to have a form with a clickable button in order to make this thing work. Here is my question:
    Is there a way to make it work without the form?? I want ot make it a self executing routine so another program can call it when necessary.


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    Sorry , forgot to mention that I want to make it like a .exe without the form (window). Pretty much like a C++ console application. Any input is much appreciated.

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