I am upgrading of Base from ASA 8.0 to ASE 12
I have a trigger developed in ASA 8.0, now I want it transferred it ASE 12 ,
which is the appropriate syntax.
The trigger is the following one.

ALTER trigger DBA.t_actualizaestacion after insert on
referencing new as t
for each row
declare ln_codigoestacion numeric(4,0);
SELECT FIRST "estacion"."es_codigo"
into ln_codigoestacion
FROM "estacion",
WHERE ( "puntoventa"."es_codigo" = "estacion"."es_codigo" ) and
( ( "puntoventa"."pvt_terminalid_cr" = t.trs_puntoventaid )) ;
update CR_TRANSACCION set es_codigo = ln_codigoestacion
where trs_nlote=t.trs_nlote and trs_secuencial=t.trs_secuencial and trs_puntoventaid=t.trs_puntoventaid;