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    Unanswered: Load data to MySql with varying comma delimited data

    I have a (CDR) text data file delimited by commas. Each entry varies from 20 to 37 entries per line. How do I insert this data into a MySql database and make sure each field is always placed in the same column?


    IS,1018387657,204252,16820,9b71dfce933daa55f0f2cd8 f01970c6f,4909651,5,NumB,1,F,NamB,1,F,Name,1,,VarI D,1,borg_telcom,40,1,9d66ae38-1dd1-11b2-a31c800001fffd42,sylantro,PU,4085584731,SIP,SIP,si p:4085584731@;user=phone,billing, AUDIO,,1

    IS,1018387657,204252,16820,9b71dfce933daa55f0f2cd8 f01970c6f,4
    1,SIP,SIP,sip:4085584731@;user=ph one,sylan

    Line 1 has 37 comma delimeted fields as opposed to line 2 that only has 23.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would paste Line 1 into Excel so you get all the fields you need and then paste Line 2 into the appropriate columns. Then I would use concantonate to pull it back into the format I need. Copy from Excel to notepad and save.

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    Re: Load data to MySql with varying comma delimited data

    have you heard of split method?
    you can read a line form the file using systemfile object
    then split it using split method in VB
    then insert each part in its plase!!

    get it or you need an example?

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