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    Unanswered: Migrating from Access to Oracle

    Respected Sir,
    I want to migrate data and its tables from microsoft access to oracle using java.Can anyone help me to do so by giving me the code or atleast giving me a procedure to do it.

    Thanks in advance.


    J.Marian Franklin.

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    Soln for u

    Hi Marian ..
    New Year wishes to you.
    In order to achieve migration from access to oracle follow the below steps. I am sure you must be aware of all the following stpes though.
    There are 2 ways .
    Ist Method :

    1. Create a temporary table in access itself and have the same columns as the source access table but in the temporary table have text fields wherever you have date fields in source table.
    2. Open the source table copy all data and paste it over to temp table in access itself.
    3. Setup DSN for ODBC databases thru control panel->odbc connection
    4. export the temporary table to temp table in oracle (MAKE SURE ORACLE TABLE NAME IS IN FULL CAPS )
    5. write a simple pl/sql procedure in oracle to modfy and insert into the proper table

    IINd Method :

    1.Open connection for access and oracle in the same java/jsp file
    2. loop through
    3. This works better if you make sure that you run the programs for 1-1000 records and 1001-2000 records like wise in intervals.

    I am sorry I misplaced the code somewhere...If you want everything to be automatic and performance hit may not be big issue then.. IInd method is pretty fine

    Take care
    Keep in touch
    Keep things simple as the world is already complex

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    Re: Migrating from Access to Oracle

    Hi Marian...
    You are the first pal over dbForumns I am interested in writing a program for you. Well look at the below program I guess it would be of some help. Please remember this is not efficient method. I wrote this for u in jsp file.

    Find the attachment
    Cheers ..
    Stay in touch ...
    Keep things simple as world is complex
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