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    Unanswered: SP and IN clause

    Thanks in advance,

    From a web page (UD4), I am trying to run a SP. I want to pass 3 variable to the SP. A beginning date, ending date and string to be used in an IN() statement. I can hard code the SP as below and it returns a value. But When I declare @DeptHdr and change the code to Dept IN (@DeptVar) and then try to pass the string 42500, 43500, it does not return any values.

    Is it possible to pass a variable this way into an IN statement?


    @BegDate Smalldatetime,
    @EndDate Smalldatetime
    AS Select Dept, Sum((Grade7 + Grade8 + Grade9 + Grade10 + Grade3)* OutOfService) As TotHrs, Sum(TotalCost) AS TotCost
    From dbo.tblWorkOrder
    Where (Dept IN (42500, 43500)) AND CompletionDate Between @BegDate AND @EndDate
    Group By Dept

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    What is the data type of the field "Dept"? If it is a string you may use

    Dept IN ('42500', '43500')
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    This example is being used in the pubs database:

    CREATE PROCEDURE test @list varchar(400)
    exec ('select * from authors where zip in (' + @list + ')')

    exec test '94025,94618,94705'

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