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    Question Unanswered: Funky URL's

    Each page of my site is dynamically generated via my database, and some of the URL's to product names contain special characters, like trademark symbols...etc.

    The name in the URL is then queried in my database, and I've been having luck using odd URL's like so:;_Super.php;_Travel.php

    Notice that I just had to use an underscore character in the name, so that MySQL will treat it as a wildcard character and return the proper results.

    I ran into one problem, which is in regard to double quotes.
    I have a product name like so:
    /SuperCoolProduct Black "large"

    I've tried escaping the double quotes using many different techniques, but to no avail.
    I was assuming I'd just be able to utilize the underscores like I did with the rest of the product names, but that is not the case... and, I've tried many of the following combinations:

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!
    TIA !

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    preg_replace. Just use preg_replace to find any funky characters and remove them. Or just replace them with something goofy like | or the $.


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