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    Question Unanswered: Parent table, which doesnt have child data


    is there any sql command in oracle that can show all parent data that doesnt have child record??

    for example:
    there are two tables STUDENT and STUDENT_SUBJECT.
    I want to display all the data in the STUDENT table which doesnt have the child data in STUDENT_SUBJECT.

    any solution for this??

    thanks for the reply...

    btw i'm using oracle 9i
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    select * from student s where not exists (
    select null from student_subject ss
    where ss.student_id = s.student_id);

    select * from student s where student_id not in (
    select student_id from student_subject
    WHERE student_id IS NOT NULL

    Or, using an outer join:

    select s.*
    from student s, student_subject ss
    where s.student_id = ss.student_id(+)
    and ss.rowid is null;

    Probably in this case the 2nd or 3rd variation are the fastest - but you must check and test in your environment.


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