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    Unanswered: if statement in a report

    hope someone can help with this one

    I have a report which displays all the projects a employee has worked on. When the report is opened the user has to enter a employee number and the data is shown for that employee.

    I want to add a field to show if the employee was the project leader with a value of either "Yes" or "No".

    The querry would be like this if I could get it to work

    if [PROJECTTEAM_EmpID] = [PROJECT].[EmpID] then "Yes" else "No"

    could someone be so kind as to show me the correct syntax ?



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    I believe that Access has an "IIF" function for this purpose. But in this case there's a simpler way...

    A calculated-field should also be useful here: the calculation is:

    This produces a true/false result that can be displayed as "yes/no."
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    sundialsvcs Thank you so much for you quick reply that worked 100% the way I want

    Again Thanks


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