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    Unanswered: Problem in Trigger

    Hi all,
    i work at moment with DB2 XML Extender und want to update the element's value in the xml documents. I store the xml data in xmlclob column. Using the following commando

    stmt.executeUpdate("UPDATE xmlclobtable set xml_dok = db2xml.update(xml_dok, '//author', 'db2xmldok')");

    The value of author Element are to be overwritten. But i get the error message during the update: [ IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT ] SQL0723N An error occurred in a triggered SQL statement in trigger "ZHOU.U0016959". Information returned for the error includes SQLCODE "-407", SQLSTATE "23502" and message tokens "TBSPACEID=2, TABLEID=45, COLNO=0". SQLSTATE=09000

    Does anybody know what's wrong with the trigger? I didn't program yet for the trigger. Have i anything forgotten? Please help me! I use DB2 V8 XML Extender.

    Thank you very much and greeting from germany!


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    If you look the SQL state in the Message Reference, 23502 is an "Insert or Update value is null but the column cannot contain null valuess". Check what the trigger is doing and make sure that it is not trying to insert or update a not nullable column to null.


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