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    Post ERD First analysis + comments please

    Hi guys I'm designing a database model right now, and have to present it later on in powerpoint so I decided to directly design it in powerpoint, this version isnt finished yet some attributes are missing, the oppotionality isnt set yet and the relationships aren't named yet,

    Here the design in Powerpoint:

    I'm just quite aware of the space distribution, it's hard to place 22 entities on 1 page, everything is a bit close together and I actually wanted to add an other entity called Account connected to Bankorder.

    I just wanted to let u guys look at it and give me some suggestions how I could better distribute it so that I probably can win the space for 1 or 2 more entity, because I just wanna set the font smaller again if really necessary, its allready really small.

    I apprecciate any suggestions to space distribution,
    and Design Flow as well as the Crossfeets and it should actualy allready be perfect normalized except for perhaps the adresses,
    Tell me please the way you would do it.

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    You've put a severe limitation on yourself, Kworth. Either you get more working area or you reduce the diagram. As your diagram currently stands it is quite an accomplishment. Sorry, but I don't see much room for additions.

    Maybe someone else will.

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