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    Unanswered: MS Access & MS SQL Server: long time answers

    I use MS ACCESS and tables linked to MS SQL SERVER tables.
    There are indexes defined (they are visible in MS ACCESS too).
    Sometimes DLOOKUP functions are taking long time.

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    Re: MS Access & MS SQL Server: long time answers

    Do you use odbc linked tables or is this a project which mssql backend ?

    If you use linked tables, and have lots of rows, this can be "normal".
    As I experienced (this is only my opinion, i can't prove it) sometimes access grabs all the data from sql, somehow ignoring the WHERE clause, and does a filtering on a client side.

    If you use access project and stored procedures/views, it's caused by badly defined indexes. If you have full mssql server, the "Index tuning wizard" can help in the Query Analyzer to set up the right indexes.

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