i need to generate XML-Files from some statements and this works now after 1 week of training . That means i can write xml-file on the local harddrive.
But i need to send the content to another server and i have a question for this:

Why can't i make xmldom.writetoClob(doc, tosendClob); after i've made xmldom.writetoFile(doc, "c:\xmltest.xml"); ???

The code looks like this:

xmldom.writetoFile(doc, "c:\xmltest.xml");
xmldom.writetoClob(doc, tosendClob); <--- here it goes to exception
XMLSender(tosendClob); <-- Java Class to send it

If i make only one of the two write-statements it works both?!
Does xmldom destroy the dom-structure in the xmlDOMDocument after writetoFile() or what? I could use the generated xml-file to read it again and send the content that way, but i don't want to load a content i already have.

thanks for your investigation