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    Unanswered: FileSearch.FileName Invalid Procedure Call or argument

    I have a program that does a simple filesearch (code shown below) It has been in use and working for my users for almost three years. I have one user that is getting an "Invalid Procedure Call or Argument" when getting to the line that says '.FileName = "*.mck"' She is running on a Win2K pro machine. My program uses Access2000 Runtime.

    I did a quick search on the internet and have found a couple of other people who have gotten this problem, but nobody has a solution. Can anybody help me?
    Set Db = CurrentDb
    Db.Execute ("qryDeleteCourseInfo")
    Set rst = Db.OpenRecordset("SELECT * FROM tblCourseInfo")
        With Application.FileSearch
            .SearchSubFolders = True
            .FileName = "*.mck"
            .LookIn = GetFileNamePart(DBFullPath, True)
            If .Execute > 0 Then
                For I = 1 To .FoundFiles.Count
                        rst![CourseName] = GetFileName(.FoundFiles(I))
                        rst![CoursePath] = GetFileNamePart(.FoundFiles(I), True)
                Next I
            End If
        End With

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    Lightbulb Check references

    May be missing references on the machines in question perhaps?
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    This code looks very, very similar to the code I have in this example (except it does it for xls files)

    but I think the cause of your error might be due to something else. Perhaps re-install MSAccess if it's only on 1 computer but not others. Otherwise, it might be permission or something else related.

    I'd log in as yourself on that computer to see if it's login based (ie. profile/user) or whether it's computer/software based (ie. MSAccess installation problem).

    Since it only happens for 1 user/computer (and not others), I'd suspect that it's not a problem with the code itself. (otherwise I might think that it didn't like a specific file name.)
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